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"Contract CFO" Services 


At KMV, we realize that there are many successful companies that cannot efficiently maintain a full internal accounting department or have an accounting department that may not be providing critical financial information on a timely basis. For these reasons, KMV specializes in providing extensive accounting services that can help compensate for any deficiencies within the organization.


We provide financial management and consulting services to businesses on a part-time or interim basis. These services are referred to as “Contract CFO” services. Rather than hiring a full-time employee, it is more economical for our clients to engage our financial consulting services if the project requires less than three days per week for a project of indefinite length or a full-time project lasting less than a year. Some examples of these services are as follows:


  • Preparation of year-end and interim financial statements
  • Preparation of working papers
  • Assistance with month-end closings
  • Preparation of fixed asset schedules
  • General business planning and budgeting
  • Reviewing operating efficiencies  
  • Financial forecasts and cash flow projections
  • Identification of sources of financing and   preparation of borrowing  
  • Establishing internal controls for effective cash management and accounting procedures


Sarbanes-Oxley Consulting


At KMV, we assist our clients in developing highly cost-effective, customized approaches for initial compliance with the SOX Act. We offer a broad range of regulatory compliance advisory services, including: 


  • Assistance in the development of a compliance plan
  • Training personnel regarding the COSO framework, documentation procedures and standards
  • Assistance in the documentation and assessment of existing or proposed control activities
  • Advice regarding potential improvements in control activities
  • Assistance in the documentation and assessment of other COSO elements (risk assessment, control environment, information and communications, and monitoring and feedback)
  • Development and initiation of an ongoing testing strategy for key controls
  • Execution of ongoing testing activities
  • Internal audit co-sourcing or outsourcing services to ensure ongoing compliance
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