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General Funding

To Qualify for consideration, Applicants must:
  • Be ready to start or launch their new business within 6 months.
  • Use awarded proceeds within 6 months of receipt.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or legal immigrant.
  • Intend to start or grow a small business irrespective of receiving a grant.
  • Meet deadlines for completing / submitting qualification criteria.
  • Demonstrate confidence, initiative and preparedness.
  • Present a specific, feasible plan with well-defined goals and measurable results.
  • Provide evidence of thorough knowledge of their industry.
  • Possess general knowledge of basic business fundamentals.
  • Seek funding of $1,000 to $100,000

Eligible Applicants


·         Small Business owners that wish to grow their existing enterprise.

·         Employed person that wish to increase their income by owning a small business.      

·         Employed person that wish to own a small business to gain independence from an employer.

·         Unemployed person that wish to gain income by owing a small business.

·         New, or stay at home parents that wish to increase their household income by owning a home-based business.

·         New immigrants or minorities that wish to provide products or services to their respective communities.

·         Students over the age of 18 that wish to start a small business to fund their education.

·         Retired persons that wish to increase their income and gain independence by owning a small business

Ineligible Applicants
  • Charitable Organizations.
  • Multi level marketing (MLM) distributorships.
  • Real Estate speculation.
  • Businesses with Adult content.
  • Any business deemed Illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • Personal debt repayment.
  • Acquisition of an existing business.
  • Buy-out of a partner in an existing business.
  • Inventions that are not utilized by the business itself.